The English School is a private school fully certified by the British Council and with the authorisation of the Generalitat Valenciana. Our task is to provide an education following the British Education System within the frame of the Comunidad Valenciana, enabling our pupils to obtain excellent academic results and reinforce their future prospects.

Our school is defined by its active and stimulating teaching, which pays attention to each pupil’s individual learning process, giving them a complete formation in accordance to the requirements of our current society. Moreover, our staff is provided the possibility of professional development. These are the unique characteristics of our contribution to society, developed within the framework of a sustainable and well-managed company.


The English School intends to be a leadership reference amongst the schools that follow the English National Curriculum. Therefore, a series of objectives are proposed to obtain academic excellence. This will enable pupils to develop critical thinking, creativity and interest in learning, finish their studies with a fluent use of the English language and obtain outstanding academic results.

In order to obtain these objectives, the School follows the British Curriculum’s most modern teaching methods, in accordance with its policy of continuous improvement.


Dear parents,

The English School would like to welcome you to this website.  It is our way of showing the world what we represent and our goals as a school.

Our school is independent, mixed and international, and therefore, multicultural, where the British Curriculum is used as a tool for teaching.

Academic success is a matter of great importance for The English School.  In order to achieve this goal, a key factor is an appropriate environment. We are proud of the family atmosphere which exists in our school community.  Here we promote respect, personal responsibility, self-discipline and the enjoyment of learning.

Academic success is a matter of great importance for The English School.  In order to achieve this goal, a key factor is an appropriate environment. We are proud of the family atmosphere which exists in our school community.  Here we promote respect, personal responsibility, self-discipline and the enjoyment of learning.

Although nothing can replace a personal visit to the school, we invite you to explore every corner of this website. Here you will find information on a number of interesting topics. We trust that in this way you will not only get to know our school better, but will also help us to improve through your suggestions and enquiries, which we shall gladly receive in our Suggestions Department.

Best regards,

The Head of School.


The English School opened in September 2002, as a response to the growing demand from parents living in the area. In January 2003 it obtained the Certificate from the British Council and the authorisation from the Conselleria de Educación y Ciencia de la Generalitat Valenciana in February of the same year.

The school is located in a residential area of Mutxamel. It is easily accessible from nearby towns, such as, El Campello, San Juan, Villafranqueza, San Vicente del Raspeig, Alicante and Torrellano.

The English School is a British multicultural school with children of different nationalities, although the majority of pupils are Spanish.




  • Complete, high-quality teaching in a motivating and stimulating learning environment.
    Respect for individual learning styles through teaching focused on each child as an individual.
  • Personalised tutorial time to efficiently develop each pupil’s abilities.
  • Highly qualified, experienced staff, who are predominantly native speakers
    Cultural enrichment through the adquisition of English and Spanish language, history and culture.
  • Social commitment through involvement in positive, cooperative and supportive activities.


General Principles

In order to fulfil objectives expressed in what we consider to be our Educational Project all the members in our community need to abide by the following principles:

• Respect the rights and individual differences of other people.
• Adopt attitudes that will promote a democratic coexistence and a pleasant relationship within the community.
• Help to create an adequate working environment, defined by personal interests and concerns.
• Acquire a sense of responsibility in the care of the school environment, material, and facilities.

Family participation


In The English School we understand the importance of fostering close relationships with parents, and in sharing the responsibility of educating our pupils.

To ensure open and fluid communication between home and school, we hold meetings at the beginning of the school year to inform parents about the activities that will take place, and the objectives and academic content of the year. There are also individual meetings with the tutors each term to inform parents of their child’s progress.

The school also provides a ‘Communication book’ or ‘School Diary’ so that parents and teachers can communicate as required on a daily basis.
Pupils’ rights and obligations.


• To receive a complete and qualitative education, which involves all possible aspects of the individual, socially, physically and morally.
• To learn in optimal safety and hygienic conditions.
• To receive an objective assessment adapted to each child’s learning process.
• To fully participate in all activities at school.
• To experience freedom of speech and conscience, in accordance with their ideological, moral and religious convictions.


• To respect and participate in the Educational Project as defined by the School.
• To respect the freedom, dignity, integrity and intimacy of all the School members.
• To attend with punctuality the different school lessons and activities, and appropriately justify their absences.
• To attend each activity with the correct attire and the required material.
• To request the teacher’s, tutor’s or Head of Studies’ permission, to leave the classroom or the school, or not to participate in any compulsory school activity.
• To respect their own material, other people’s material, and the facilities or areas they may use.


Our teaching in the English School fulfils the requirements of the English National Curriculum in each educational stage.

Our educational aims are to:

  • Provide a complete qualitative education, taking into account individual differences and provide continuity and progress in each child’s learning process.
  • Care for the needs of individual pupils, regardless of gender, race, religion or any other personal or social circumstances.
  • Create and maintain a dynamic and stimulating learning environment using methodology that ensures the participation of all pupils in the learning process.
  • Guide and motivate our pupils to develop respect, dialogue, cooperation and solidarity, going beyond a mere intellectual development.

In order to achieve our purpose:

  • We adapt our teaching methodologies to the needs of our pupils.
  • We encourage our pupils to be actively involved in their own learning process, rewarding and facilitating their decision-making and respecting their opinions.
  • We promote respect for the differences between individuals.
  • We regularly revise and evaluate our teaching methods, as well as the resources and facilities used to impart the educational content of our curriculum.