The English School has a new modern heated swimming pool, as we understand that swimming is the perfect complement to Physical Education.

We all know how beneficial swimming is for our physical and psychological development, so our School aims to take advantage of this activity to develop the full potential of our pupils.

The activities carried out in the pool are adapted to the pupil´s age and ability.  They include the acquisition of basic swimming skills, games and rhythm exercises, first aid, basic rescue knowledge, and individual (swimming) and group (water polo) sports.

It is important to be aware that water sport activities are subject to the rules of each activity, which implies the learning of other skills such as hygiene and respect.



At The English School we believe in the importance of instilling in our pupils respect for the environment and sustainability.  As a result of this concern, the School has an ample and exclusive ecological garden which comprises a pond with a variety of aquatic life, a large greenhouse and plant beds, in which a number of different vegetables are grown.  


This infrastructure allows pupils to take part in diverse practical activities related to different areas of the curriculum.  In this way, pupils are made aware of the importance of respecting nature and renewing resources in order to ensure the medium- and long-term sustainability of the planet.   



All classrooms in The English School are air-conditioned to ensure the wellbeing of pupils and provide a stable environment during the academic year and so facilitate pupils’ learning and ensure optimal performance.


The school’s modern air-conditioning system complies with the current directive for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.


The English School has a modern, fully-equipped theatre which is used to develop relevant aspects of the curriculum as required, as well as to present performances of festivals which take place at specific times during the school year, and which parents and family members are invited to attend.  


The School has various play areas where pupils can enjoy their free time during the school day.


The School has a variety of sports facilities for basketball, football etc. , as well as a modern football 8 pitch.