When parents decide to enrol their children in a school with the British Curriculum, they mostly do so with the idea that their children will become bilingual, so that when they finish their studies they are fluent and confident when using the English language.

Here at The English School we aim at wider objectives. The British System, the ‘British Way’, gives the students a complete education, to become open-minded, creative, dynamic, independent learners, allowing them to face successfully future challenges in our society.

The school has tuition from Nursery, where students start at the age of three, until Year 13, which they finish when they are 18 years old, equivalent to the Spanish ‘Segundo de Bachiller’, prior to University.

In each stage, the methodology and learning systems are different, adapted to the pupil’s age. However, there are distinctive factors for all the different levels in the tuition of certain subjects.

Science learning is based on experimentation and observation; in Maths, a great importance is given to mental Maths; Music education is essential to develop creativity and confidence; Art helps pupils to understand the creative processes; and team sports teach children about techniques, cooperation and promote fair play.

In Secondary Education in the British Curriculum, pupils’ knowledge is certified by means of external examinations, carried out by independent boards. At the end of Year 11, equivalent to the Spanish ‘4º ESO’, the students are examined to obtain their IGCSEs (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), and when they finish Year 13, equivalent to the Spanish ‘Segundo de Bachiller’, they do their A Level Exams, which enable them to apply for university.

Thanks to the homologation between the British Council and the Generalitat Valenciana, The English School allows the students to have access to both Spanish and European universities once they have finished their studies, guaranteeing their success. If they opt for a Spanish University, the students can do the ‘Fase Especifica’ (Specific Subjects) to complement and increase their grade.





At The English School we believe that one of the keys to success is undoubtedly the quality of the academic team.  For this reason, the teachers at the School, the majority of whom are native speakers, are all highly qualified and fulfil the requirements of The British Council to impart the subjects as prescribed by the curriculum.