Enrolling in The English School

The process for enrolment into the school is as follows:

Step one

Initial contact:

  • Interview with parents / guardians
  • Interview with prospective pupil
  • Entrance test (in some cases)

Step two

Once the initial contact has been made and assuming that the school makes an offer of a place for the child, there will follow:

Formal acceptance of place:

  • Completion of the request form.
  • Payment of initial fees.

    Step three

    Once a placement has been formally offered and accepted, parents/guardians must provide the following documentation:

    • 2 photocopies of the child’s birth certificate (long version) or ‘libro de familia’.
    • 4 passport photographs of the child.
    • Photocopies of parents’ identity documents or passports.
    • Medical certificate and vaccination certificate.
    • Certificate of transfer from previous school (if applicable).
    • Bank details for payments by standing order.