School Meals

Meals at The English School are all prepared within the school itself. In this way, we are able not only to guarantee the hygienic preparation of the meals, but also to offer a variety and quality of meals which no other system would allow.

We personally design our menus with the assistance of a team of dieticians and experts in nutrition, taking into account the nutritional needs of our pupils at each age and using as a basis the Food Pyramid. This enables us to provide our young diners with a diet which is healthy and balanced rich in carbohydrates, fruit, protein and vegetables.

Furthermore, our kitchens are able to provide for any special dietary needs from a bland diet for those recovering from tummy upsets, to diets for diabetics, coeliacs or for those with allergy problems.

It is our belief that school meals provide an excellent opportunity to teach children, from a very young age, the importance of good hygiene. For this reason we teach our children to adopt good habits with regard to basic hygiene and dental care.

The design of our menus does not end in the production of school meals, of course. We are conscious of the importance of informing parents with regard to the diet their children are receiving in school. Our advice and recommendations aim to help parents to adapt their evening meal and the mid-morning snack in order to complement the mid-day meal and thereby complete the daily nutritional requirements of their child.