Foundation Stage

This first stage of education has two academic years: Nursery (3-4 years old) and Reception (4-5 years old). An effective development of the curriculum during this period is very important, because it’s when the basis for future learning is established.

The main areas of Foundation Stage Curriculum are:

  • Personal, social and emotional development.
  • Communication through speech, reading and writing.
  • Mathematical development.
  • Understanding of the world.
  • Physical development.
  • Creative development.

In The English School we look after the stimulation and motivation of our pupils so they can develop these aptitudes and capacities in a relaxing, secure and happy environment.

In each class of Foundation Stage, the teaching personnel make sure that the children receive the attention and appropriate care to their age. This way school life for our youngest children is a happy and rich learning curve which gives them the courage to be independent from an early age and to develop a sense of responsability and self respect.