The School has a line per academic level which starts in Nursery and expands to reach Key Stage 2 (Year 5), with a maximum of 15 children per class-room.

The development of our Educational Project follows the English National Curriculum, and at the same time, is adaptable to the appropirate necessities of a British School in Spain.

The equivalence between the academic year of both education systems is gathered in the following conversion table, to help understand the structure and terminology used in British Education:

Age British System Spanish System
3 años Nursery 3º Infantil
4 años Reception 4º Infantil
5 años Year 1 5º Infantil
6 años Year 2 1º Primaria
7 años Year 3 2º Primaria
8 años Year 4 3º Primaria
9 años Year 5 4º Primaria
10 años Year 6 5º Primaria
11 años Year 7 6º Primaria
12 años Year 8 1º E.S.O.
13 años Year 9 2º E.S.O.
14 años Year 10 3º E.S.O.
15 años Year 11 4º E.S.O.
16 años Year 12 1º Bachillerato
17 años Year 13 2º Bachillerato